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Kristen Crowder


Hi, I’m Kristen and I’m the proud owner of KBC Designs LLC. We offer exclusive interior design services for the surrounding areas of Richmond, VA.

I obtained my Interior Design & Decorating Certificate at the University of Richmond. I’ve always had a passion to bring our clients a holistic approach to their homes. From modern design to traditional design, we can bring your vision to life!

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my four children and love to vacation at the beaches.

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For years, I struggled with figuring out who I was outside of being a mother. I would always find myself reading, exploring, and studying design. Until one day, I had one of my dearest beloved cousins and many other people followed in, telling me I really had an eye for designing and I should explore that area more.

So, I obtained my Interior Design Certification at the University of Richmond, and once I graduated, I started my own interior design business. I was able to pursue my passion for helping people bring life into their homes again. Seeing my client's faces light up with joy when they see their newly updated home makes everything worth it!


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I love to visit art museums
I was born and raised in Virginia
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Family & friends mean the world to me!
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