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10 Best Ways to Decorate a Coffee Table with Ease!

Having trouble figuring out how and what to style your coffee table with? Look no further! Below are 10 amazing stylish ways to redecorate your coffee table!

  1. Start with greenery! Adding interesting plants or greenery arrangements will make your coffee table feel more organic and less staged. To anchor larger coffee tables, use larger sculptural succulents, or branches, like cherry blossoms or eucalyptus.

  2. Use mixed material. Mixing textures can add warmth to any coffee table! Adding a variety of heights to your table will bring depth to your living room!

  3. Stacking books. Adding books with decorative objects on top will make the table more compact and less cluttered.

  4. Decorative trays. Trays can be styled with a variety of objects! From flowers, candles, photos, & more! Tip: Using a round tray works well with a rectangular coffee table.

  5. Seasonal Swap Outs! With the coffee table being the focal point in the room, swap out decor and plants with seasonal items.

  6. The Three Companies Rule! When styling coffee tables, think about dividing your coffee table in three sections. This will help you decide where things look best! This Especially holds true for long rectangular coffee tables!

  7. Contrasting colors. Choose decor that will play off your coffee table. For example: white or neutral coffee table? Go with bolder colors on top.

  8. Entertain! Sit out game boards or a deck of cards to add a whimsical feel to your space! This will give guests a way to break the ice.

  9. Practicality is best! Focus on functionality with trays, baskets, or wooden boxes to store remotes, reading glasses, coasters, and other essential items!

  10. Make it personal. Let decor items tell a story about your memories and passions. Adding a grouping of memorable items will give your living room a personal touch.

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