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How to Organize and Style a Playroom

As a parent myself, I am always trying to find NEW & IMPROVED ways to style and organize my children's playroom. I love for my kids to enjoy their toys, arts & crafts, etc., but let's be honest, every parent loves a functional, organized, and stylish space. There are so many ah-mazing ways that you can achieve this goal on a budget. Here are just a few ideas to get you started on your journey to an organized & stylish playroom!

  1. Stackable Bins are such a great solution for a quick & easy cleanup!

  2. It's all about the labels I like to make labels for my kids, just so they don't get upset when they can't find something in particular. For smaller children, use picture labels or label it by color.

  3. Go lidless Going lidless makes cleanup that much easier. Consider using racks or shelving units that can hold lidless bins.

  4. Create an Arts & Crafts Zone Having a designated area for arts & crafts will save time and money! Simply adding a stylish table & chairs with organizable bins etc. for their supplies will keep everyone happy!

  5. Decluttering I always love to declutter right before Christmas, because by the time new toys come in, their old toys are not being used & wasting space!

  6. Styling with Keepsakes Styling the playroom will balance out all the plastic that comes from modern toys. Think of using frames for your children's art, woodblocks, textured rugs, fun lights, & other fun accent pieces.

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