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What Does the Term "Organic" Mean in Design?

When I think of the word "Organic", I think of something being natural. In Design it's just that! Organic design is characterized by utilizing natural materials and smooth rounded forms. Fun Fact: Organic design was started by a man named Frank Lloyd Wright, who believed by creating harmony between people and nature a perfect balance in regard to design could be achieved.

Here a just few tips on how you can achieve an organic feel in your home!

  1. Natural light- Bringing in natural light will make your space come alive! Natural light will also make colors pop more from your furnishings and decor.

  2. Natural elements- Bringing the outdoors in will create a connection that we all long for. To achieve this connection, style with earthy tone textures, botanicals, and natural wood.

  3. Brick as a focal point- Brick is such a gorgeous backdrop to any home and such a great way to bring texture and color to your space. You can use brick in its natural state or paint the brick for a more subtle look.

  4. Natural Wood- Wood furniture is the most popular. Its durable, beautiful, and can be finished in many ways.

Hope this helps in creating an organic design for your home!

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