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What Does the Term "Organic" Mean in Design?

The term "organic" conjures images of the natural world. This is precisely what organic design embodies, with its use of natural materials and smooth, rounded shapes. An interesting tidbit: The concept of organic design originated with Frank Lloyd Wright, who championed the idea that creating harmony between humans and nature could lead to the ideal equilibrium in design.

Here a just few tips on how you can achieve an organic feel in your home!

  1. Natural light- Introducing natural light can truly invigorate your space! Additionally, it enhances the vibrancy of colors in your furnishings and decor.

  2. Natural elements- Incorporating elements of nature into our indoor spaces fosters a connection many of us yearn for. To establish this bond, decorate with textures in earthy tones, an array of botanicals, and natural wood accents.

  3. Brick as a focal point- Brick provides a stunning backdrop for any home, offering a unique way to add texture and color to your space. Whether you leave the brick in its natural state or paint it for a more understated appearance, it can significantly enhance your home's aesthetic.

  4. Natural Wood- Wood furniture is highly popular due to its durability, beauty, and the variety of finishes available.

May this assist you in crafting an organic design for your home!

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