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"Transformation in Action: The Before and After of Our Design Process"

Have you ever been curious about the design process? I'm here to show you a 'Before and After' of how I turn spaces into the dreamscapes clients envision.


"The Initial Meet n Greet"

During my initial home visit with clients, I make it a point to observe their surroundings closely, gaining insight into their personality and lifestyle. In addition to measuring and photographing the space, I prioritize understanding their desires and requirements. After all, the home should be a reflection of the individual or family residing there. Generally, this meeting lasts about an hour, which is ample time to establish a rapport and determine the ultimate vision for the space.

"Creativity Begins"

The subsequent phase is when my creativity comes into play. Once I depart from my client's house, my "wheels" begin turning and they don't cease until the day of installation. I prefer to draft a 2D/3D floor plan using the measurements and photos captured during our initial meeting. Additionally, I commence the selection of fabrics, accessories, furnishings, and paint options. All of this preparation leads up to our design presentation meeting.

Design Presentation Day

Design presentation day is one of the highlights of the entire design process for me. It's the moment when clients can envision the potential of their home, and their excitement is palpable. I take the time to thoroughly explain each space and educate them on the reasons behind the selection of specific pieces. Once there is a consensus on the selections, we proceed to the procurement phase and commence any necessary construction.

Procurement and Construction

In the realms of construction and procurement, if painting, wallpapering, or any construction is required, I prefer to coordinate these tasks and schedule them in phases prior to the arrival of furniture and accessories. I prefer to keep my clients updated throughout this phase consistently.

Delivery Day!

The furniture has been delivered, and the styling with accessories begins! My passion for

design and the ability to impact lives with beautiful, functional spaces that people can enjoy for years is the reason I do this for a living. Hearing from my clients about their happiness and how they can now call their house a home is incredibly fulfilling.


This post outlines my comprehensive Interior Design service process. While each design project is unique, the process remains consistent. Whether you're seeking to refresh your space with accessories, need advice on paint selections, or are considering a complete home renovation, I am here to assist you in taking the next steps when you are ready. Meanwhile, don't forget to visit our social media pages for inspiration!



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